A new favourite coat part 3: it's finished!


A few weeks ago I finished my coat - finally! You can read my previous two posts about my adventures in coat making here and here.

When I finished it at first I had that feeling you have when you finish a sewing project and you're not sure if you are happy with it or not yet. I left it to grow on me for a wee while before daring to wear it out the house. I'm now home in Scotland for Christmas and I've even brought it with me as my 'coat of choice' for the trip!

It's far from perfect but I love the shape of the coat and the fabric is great as it goes with everything but isn't dull. For my next such coat adventure I'll make sure I add a collar - I feel that is definitely missing! I added a decorative wooden button too which I think it goes really well with the blue and black checked fabric.

For the lining I used a thick almost tweed-like material from Berger. I knew I didn't want a cheap polyester lining and I wanted it to be breathable too. So far I'm happy with it and it is keeping me warm.
This was a project I'm really proud of and I'm really happy I drafted/rubbed off my own coat pattern rather than using an existing pattern - I definitely learnt a lot!

I think I must have caught the coat making bug as I've already nearly finished another coat - a waterproof! I'll be back in January with some pictures - once I work out how to add snap buttons (way more complicated than it looks).

Before leaving for the holidays I got some pictures of my new lovely coat out and about on the mean streets of Brussels. Happy Christmas everyone - here's to unpicking, topstitching, backstitching - and to sewing adventures in 2016!



  1. Emily, I keep on visiting your pages...I would be very interested to see what you did at the center back but at the lining side. Nice job any case, and seems to be comfortable ! See you. David

    1. I'll take a picture and send it to you if you send me your contact email - you can find my email contact on my 'about me' page. :)