Hometown glory

Imagine my delight and surprise when I was home in Scotland this summer to find that a sewing shop has opened up in my hometown!


Holm Sown is a lovely shop situated on King Street, the main thoroughfare through the lovely town of Castle Douglas in south-west Scotland, where I happily spent the first 18 years of my life. The shop sits across the road from the Sulwath Brewers - which is incidentally where I was heading when I first saw the shop!

I find seeing physical versions of sewing patterns in a bricks and mortar shop pretty exciting as I'm so used to seeing anything to do with sewing through the screen of my computer. Coming in to real contact with 'sewing things' whether it be in a shop or meeting people you've connected with online is great. Seeing the likes of Grainline Studio patterns and Sewaholic patterns staring back at me through the shop window I had to go in.

I really hope the shop does well. If I'm honest I was surprised to see a sewing shop in Castle Douglas as I wouldn't have immediately thought there would be a huge market in passing trade in a small town. But the fact that the shop offers workshops and has an online shop will surely help. I had a quick chat with Rachel who runs the shop and she is really nice, so I wish her lots of success and I can't wait to pop in at Christmas time with my Mum and see what delights are on offer!

So what did I pick up the last time? I got some Merchant and Mills fabric which I really like but have not dared cut into yet! I also got a Megan Neilson's Darling Ranges dress pattern which I've sewn up in the leftover fabric from my last White Tree Fabrics project.

I made some slight modifications in that I didn't add the elastic or the buttons so it just pulls over my head. There was also some unorthodox fitting techniques at the neckline but I think the flowery fabric is forgiving enough that this doesn't stand out too much. I've now made the adjustment on the pattern so if I make it again it will be a cleaner finish.

And take a look at my earrings below - my talented friend Krysia makes them out of old bike tyre inner tubes!







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