Chin to the chest



When my yoga teacher said she was looking for someone with a sewing machine to make some rice pillows I quickly volunteered my services. It was a good opportunity to use up some of my ever-growing collection of fabric scraps and as I said in my previous post, sometimes you just need a simple sewing project.

It was nice to make things that will be used by other people too.

The pillows are 21.5cm by 11cm and have an in inner pillow made out of cotton calico. The inner pillow is full of 200g of rice plus a liberal sprinkling of lavender.

The idea is to place the pillow over your eyes at the end of the class as demonstrated in this photo. The weight of the rice is soothing as is the smell of the lavender, and it helps you to relax.

I'm happy to bring together sewing and yoga as they are both two activities I love!

('Chin to the chest' is what my lovely teacher is always reminding my to do as apparently I have a tendency to tilt my head back!)







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