I really love A-line shaped skirts and have seen so many nice versions over the last few months as 1970s-style skirts seem to be all over the place.

So when I saw the Rosari skirt from Pauline Alice online I added it to my 'want list' of patterns but said to myself I didn't really need it…and then I subsequently bought it when I saw it in a new sewing shop in Etterbeek, ‘Chipote et Papote’...whoops.




I decided to sew a winter-appropriate version so I used this purple/white wool which I got at the Marché des Abattoirs ages ago and I used the last remaining pieces of the best lining fabric I’ve ever come across (bought in La Maison des Tissus). It’s a kind of ‘lined lining’ - shiny and slidy on one side but rougher on the other side giving it a ‘sturdy drape’ (if that is such a thing!).



I worked on this over Christmas at home in Scotland and finished it back in Brussels and I’m really happy with the result and have worn it pretty much all of January! For once I actually made something that was missing in my wardrobe that I really needed; a basic skirt which is still interesting enough that I enjoy wearing it!

The pattern comes with lots of great pocket options too. I prepared pocket version C but didn't use it in the end as they didn't really work in this busy and bulky fabric. It's great when what is a relatively simple pattern comes with great additional options and well-written instructions so you feel it was worth your while getting! :)




  1. This is such a lovely skirt! I will have to investigate that pattern as it's exactly the kind of thing I would wear :)

    1. Thank you! :) I can't recommend the pattern enough! And it feels good to make something I've worn so much already - especially compared to some things I've made which still languish in my wardrobe and don't get many outings...