Belladone is back!

IMG_8880 IMG_8863

As my most-worn dress is my first version of Deer and Doe's wonderful Belladone pattern, I thought it was high time to revisit the pattern and make another one. In a way I was nervous to remake it after such a long time in case it didn't work out and my previous success was a fluke!

(Oh, and as you can see I got a camera remote - lots of fun playing with it when there is no one around to badger into taking my picture. It's so much better than the self-timer that comes built in to the camera.)

To change things up a bit I moved the zip to the side and omitted the upper back pieces and scooped the neckline a bit more at the front.



I also made the front waistband in a contrast fabric. That wasn't my plan from the outset but when I sewed the bodice, waistband, and skirt together (all in the same fabric) it made me feel a bit dizzy as the waistband wasn't cut very wisely so the print was at an angle. As the waistband is such an important part of the dress for providing balance if it looks odd your eye is drawn to it immediately. So I did some unpicking and replaced the front waistband with some black fabric. I think this looks much better and breaks up the intense print!

The pockets in this dress are a dream and I need to remember that all dresses deserve pockets like this!


At the moment I'm trying to use patterns I have already (or draft my own). It feels good to go back to a pattern I already know well as there is always room for improvement. You can also relax a bit more as (in theory) you know your way around. This means you can focus on other things you might not have done first time round such as making modifications (or intently listening to podcasts while sewing).

The fabric must be some blend of polyester and I'm pretty sure it is not for dressmaking. But it is great to wear and I like its texture which gives the dress a bit more body. I bought it in a really good 'coupon' shop near the Marché Saint-Pierre in Paris. I got a whole pile of great printed fabric like this when I was there in March.

I feel it is a definite 'love-it-or-hate it' print though. Would you be drawn to this print or does it make you go 'ah put it down now'?


  1. Your dress is lovely, and I think the print is great! I'm a big fan of the Belladone pattern too, I think I've made four (one of which I'm wearing right now!), although I found the instructions to be a bit unclear on the bias binding for the facings. I love the back of your's, that's a great idea to leave off the upper back pieces. I must remember that!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I thought it would be fun to see what it was like without the upper back and I'm really happy with it! Will definitely make a 'pure' Belladone again soon though :)

  2. I see that the quality of your work is constantly growing. it's great!