Living the high life


A few months ago I found Tea's blog and was bowled over by her makes. Inspiration is an overused word but seeing her outfits gave me a much-needed jolt of energy. I love the aesthetic of this lady's style and it reminded me what I truly like about clothes and dressing.

There was something about Tea's makes that made me really happy and positive about all the amazing things we can make using our sewing machines and our brains!

I commented on this dress that Tea made to say how much I liked it and that I wanted to make a similar one. She replied saying that she hoped I'd be able to find a similar pattern but that, even better, I should draft one - so I took up her challenge and did just that!


I spent a few weeks honing the fit of my basic bodice block (that's for another blog post) and then I had a close look at the pictures on Tea's blog to work out the construction of the dress as best I could.

The front bodice has underam and waist darts and on the back bodice the dart was removed and made into a mini-princess seam making two bodice pieces.


The skirt is a full circle skirt. Instead of putting buttons all the way down I just put in two buttons and then a small 15cm zip. My skirt is also longer than Tea's and doesn't have any pockets or buttons on the front.

The fabric is African wax cotton and was bought in Gold Fingers and it says HIGH LIFE all over it. Did I mention it says HIGH LIFE all over it?


My outfit pictures were taken by my Mum over Easter when I went with my family to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, off the west coast of mainland Scotland. It was a wonderful holiday and I'm so lucky to have had the chance to go. We visited some family there who I hadn't seen in years and we explored the beautiful scenery. If you get the chance to go I highly recommend it!

If it had been warmer I'd have taken some pictures in a stunning location like some of the pictures below - instead we snapped these quickly before running back into the house to put more layers on - oh, Scotland!

Garry Sands, Isle of Lewis

Road from Bostagh to Calanais, Isle of Lewis

Dalbeg, Isle of Lewis

I'm really happy with how this dress turned out and I'm going to make another one in a different fabric now. Possibly shorter. I might shorten this one too.

Thanks, Tea, for inspiring me! And I hope you don't mind me imitating you! Hope I've not just crossed a blogging boundary!



  1. Haha, you're not the only one. At the moment I'm working on a shameless rip off of one of Tea's amazing dresses :D (Great minds think alike?)
    And lately I've been totally in love with wax print fabrics! I need to get some myself soon cause your dress looks so summery and wonderful and just freakin' perfect!

    1. haha, yeah great minds! This is the first time I've sewn with wax print fabric actually, don't know why I waited so long! really satisfying to sew with!

  2. This is gorgeous! Yey to pattern drafting, and what's not to love about that fabric.

  3. Really love this style, and it's a great fit - well done!

    1. Thank you! yeah I'm happy with the fit as it is a close fit yet there is still room to eat lunch which is always a plus!

  4. I love the shape & fit of this dress - so impressed you drafted it yourself! I'd love to visit Lewis one day, it looks beautiful.

    1. Thank you! You should totally go to Lewis! I'm seriously thinking about moving there!

  5. Your dress is just gorgeous!! Love how you took it on yourself to make a pattern for it :) It's not a difficult thing to do, right? The fabric is great and now I can't wait to see your second version :D Thanks for all the kind words you wrote :) It's such a strange happy felling seeing that someone from sewing blogosphere loves my work that much :D I'm sorry for not commenting earlier, I'm still on my visit to Berlin, but 10 days were so crazy, I spent minimal amount of time on internet..

    1. Thanks, Tea! So glad you like it! :)

      And a trip with minimal internet time sounds really great!

  6. Wow, the dress looks great! That reminds me, I still have a lot of Matongé-style wax print fabric in my stash....

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah we should totally head to Matongé for some of this type of fabric! :)