Application to join the Archer appreciation society


There are some patterns that you can't help want to have a go at. One, because they look great, and two, well, because they are all over the internet! The Archer shirt is a case in point – I've been working on this for a few months actually, just picking up the project every so often. I wanted to take my time as I was actually really nervous about getting to the collar stand!


The fabric is a chambray from Pauli Stoffen in Leuven which I got on a mini-blogger meet up there last June. I knew this fabric was destined for an Archer as soon as I saw this amazing version from Lucky Lucille.


The buttons are from one of my button jars so no idea where they came from - either from one of the collections I inherited from both my Grannys or from a 'brocante' find. I think they go really well with this fabric.

One of my button jars


I can only add my voice to the throngs of Archer appreciation out there – my only gripe with my version is that it is really tight around my neck but I'm happy with the rest of the fit so I'd need to adjust that if I was to make it up again. I probably won't wear it buttoned all the way up all that often anyway.


I finish a lot of blog posts with 'when I make it again' or 'the next time', but sometimes it's probably best to be more realistic and say 'if I make it again'. While I love the pattern, in reality I don't actually wear that many shirts, and I have enough for the moment.


One thing I like a lot about sewing (and by extension blogging) is that it is my very own little project that occupies a lot of my thoughts - I set myself deadlines, goals, challenges, and by the same token I strike them all out and replace them with new ones if I feel like it. I strive to learn as much as I can and make things as well as I can (or want to) because, to put it simply, it makes me happy. Whether I'm organising and planning, learning things and feeling elated, messing things up and feeling frustrated, or simply at my machine putting in some time with the presser foot, it's an important part of my life, and as Karen put it, a metaphor for life in so many ways.

Sewing helps me control my thoughts, it helps me be organised, it makes me take pleasure in small details, it makes me live in the here and now, it gives me an opportunity to really enjoy the time I spend by myself, and it forces me to face up to my own inabilities as well as my abilities. Vive la couture!



  1. Beautiful Archer! Love the plant too, do you know what kind it is?

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure, I'll try and find out for you though. It's such a great plant! It was there when we moved in so it is my landlord's plant. I think it is so big that it would be impossible to move it out of the room!

  2. Love your archer. I'm totally the same - love the archer, but don't actually wear that many shirts.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's funny when you spend ages making something that you might not wear that much - that said, I've actually been getting a lot of wear out of it recently so maybe it's good to make things your are not 100% convinced of as it pushes you out your 'comfort zone'.

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