Ban the bomb

Like many others who took part in #rigelbomberjanuary, the Rigel bomber jacket had been languishing in my 'to sew' pile for months. A collective online sew-a-long was just what I needed to push me into finally making it. (I did make this jacket in the first month of 2015 so I hope that it can still count as a #rigelbomberjanuary effort - despite the fact that I'm posting this in mid-February!)

(Tree sticking out of head - photography fail 1)

(Oh hi, Emily in the mirror - photography fail 2)

The fabric I used came from a cut-up old second-hand jacket. As it was quilted it was essentially already lined so I didn't want to add a 'real' lining. I left out the facings and I finished the inside seams with my overlocker and added some black bias binding to neaten them where possible.

Close-ups of insides:






I omitted the welt pockets (I know - the best bit!) as I didn't want the pocket bags wafting about. It's a bit ironic that I didn't make them as the welt pocket feature was actually one of the reasons why I bought the pattern in the first place and I was really looking forward to learning this new technique! I'll need to incorporate welt pockets into a project soon to make up for it!

"OK I admit it - I was too lazy to add the welt pockets. What you gonna do about it?"

I was also slightly unsure about the finished zip placement in relation to the neck ribbing. I was worried I'd got it too low, but after much analysis of other Rigels online I think it's more or less in the right place. The ribbing is not quite parallel but the print and grey ribbing are forgiving colour tones unless you are as close as in this photo.



While the bomber would definitely be better with the welts it's still great with out them. Now I know that I like the Rigel on me and that it is super easy (yes, I was a bit apprehensive about the ribbing) I might plan a more thought-out version and source my supplies accordingly. But in the meantime I'm looking forward to swanning about the mean streets of Brussels in this once the days get warmer.


I don't know about you, but I sure feel part of a global hard-as-nails super cool sewing gang when I'm wearing my bomber! How does your Rigel make you feel?

(Tree still sticking out of head - photography fail 3)


  1. AHHHHH! This looks great on you! And how clever to cut up a quilted jacket and save yourself all that work! Lovely!

    1. Thanks, Sonja! Yeah I was delighted not to have to quilt it myself! Can't wait to start wearing it outside!

  2. Such a fun jacket. Love your fabric choice! (and that amazing plant behind you)

    1. Thank you! The plant is great - it makes our living room feel like a jungle!

  3. Ahhh, I love that fabric! The colours, the paisley, everything. What a great find - and a great upcycle!

    1. Yeah I love the paisley print! Always a winner in my book!

  4. Great job! It's beautiful! (so are the pictures btw , who cares about a plant sticking out of your head, I didn't notice until you told me ;-) )

    1. Maybe I should try and get the plants to stick out of my head on purpose next time :)

  5. Really nice! I've loved seeing everyone's jackets, even though I am very very sure that I myself am not a bomber jacket person.

    1. I wasn't sure if I was a 'bomber person' or not either - mainly because it's hard to know what to wear it with.

      I feel it looks best with trousers but I don't really wear trousers that much. And most of my dresses are too busy to compete with the green paisley print!