She wore (black) velvet



Here is the result of some experimental sewing!

This dress in black fine velvet was initially meant to be a version of the BHL Anna dress. But as it proved so difficult to cut out the pattern pieces when the fabric would not stop sliding about all over the place, in the end I opted to just eyeball cutting the bodice pieces into something that loosely resembled the Anna bodice pieces and sew them up as they were and hope for the best.

I decided not to add any darts or pleats and fit the bodice by gathering at the neckline.

I then added a simple gathered skirt and fit the garment at the centre back seam by cutting away the excess and adding a zip.

It could have been a disaster but the sewing gods were on my side and luckily I'm really pleased with the result. This was one of those satisfying projects that takes just one whole day (with a break for a tea on a sunny terrace) from start to finish. I really love it as it's super comfy and I'll wear it for lots of different occasions.

I was really determined to use up this black velvet as I'd got it out several times to think about what to do with it but could never settle on an idea. I got a few metres of it for a very good price at a fabric sale at Le Caméléon Coquet on Place Van Meenen in Saint-Gilles - a gallery/shop/workshop that specialises in Japanese paper and fabric. It is quite a mysterious place but opens every so often for fabric sales, otherwise I think you have to make an appointment.

It's lovely fabric but I'm definitely looking forward to sewing with something sturdier now though!

You can't see so well in the photos but there is some interesting detailing on the fabric.




  1. Looks gorgeous! Easy to wear and super classy all at once! Love the subtle pattern in the fabric too :-)

  2. Really cool! I'm glad it worked out well for you! The detail on that fabric is gorgeous!

  3. It looks really cool. Velvet is a very tricky thing. A great tip for working with velvet is putting it on a layer of paper. It will slide less!

    1. Aw thanks for the tip, Hanne! Will try that next time! :)

  4. I love that you just eyeballed cutting out the pieces, you obviously did a great job, your dress looks fantastic.