There's always time for Tilly



Just a quick post to show you my latest Tilly makes!

Say hello to my second Coco dress. Fabric is from Marché des Abbatoirs in Brussels.




And this is the Clémence skirt from her best-selling book 'Love at First Stitch'.

The fabric is from an old pinny I got in Les Petits Riens for one euro. Great thing about making things from existing garments is that if you position your pieces correctly then you can save yourself the bother of hemming, for example!

In other news, I got an overlocker!

Now I just need to learn how to thread it... :)

Do you have an overlocker? How did you find it in the beginning? Any top tips?


  1. Awesome!!! I didn't recognise the coco in that print (which I LOVE). Actually, I love both print equally, and agree that avoiding hemming is always a win. I'm now feeling a bit sad that I never went to that market. Assuming it's the one you can see from the metro, it never looked that promising, but you seem to find some awesome stuff there.

  2. Super cute! Love both of your makes. I do have an overlocker (a cheap one) and the threading is indeed super important, just one missed bit messes everything up. I recommend using tweezers to thread it, I find that that makes it way easier!

  3. I love your Coco, the fabric is fantastic! Re your overlocker, I would say just play with it. Experiment with it, and see how it goes. As for threading, it is a bit of a faff, but it is definitely worth learning how to do. I have a Brother 1034D, there was a DVD with it that showed how to thread it, but the DVD wasn't very clear. So I googled it and found a brilliant video on youtube on how to thread it. So maybe there will be some youtube videos for your overlocker. Good luck with it!

  4. Lovely Coco! And the pinny you converted into a Clemence was a great find!