The matching shorts that were not to be

Last month when I made my Flora dress I made a wearable muslin first from a weird huge kaftan thing bought in the fleamarket.

And with the leftover fabric I decided to make another (hopefully) wearable muslin for the Maritme shorts from Grainline Studio. i.e. a MATCHING shorts and dress combination. YES PLEASE.

"Can't wait for my matching shorts!"IMG_2179
However, while the dress muslin is perfectly wearable, sadly the shorts muslin is not so wearable: they just don't fit at all, far too small! So it's back to the pattern for some adjustments and a second attempt (at some point).


Despite the fact that they don't fit the sewing itself went well and it was really interesting to sew a totally different garment than what I am used to and try and decipher the instructions for new techniques. And at least now I know how to sew a fly!



"Booo, no matching shorts just yet!"IMG_2203


  1. This dress is gorgeous, what a great use for a kaftan. Pants to the shorts being too small, the fly zip looks great though.

  2. It's a pity the shorts didn't fit but they were a good practice run otherwise as they look perfectly made! I love that print, your Flora is gorgeous.

  3. Shame about the shorts, but I love the weird huge kaftan Flora. I have a habit of making things which are too small and frequently getting stuck inside them when trying them on for the first time - this is normally the time when the doorbell rings! :(