Solstice sewing

beignet preparation
It's the shortest day of the year and I'm putting together the Beignet and Violet patterns from Colette patterns. Quite a long process so looking forward to getting to the cutting out and sewing!
What do you prefer - PDF print at home or pattern in the post?


  1. Pattern in the post for sure. Pdf patterns are too much of a fuss

    1. Yeah I'm coming round to that conclusion as well! I think both are great options, you just need to be prepared for adding in an extra step with PDF patterns!

  2. I was always a pattern in the post gal, but if it's printed on tissue, I think I prefer .pdfs! I really like the print at copy shop option and haven't tried one, but do think the named nested style might be my fave kind (I'm a tracer, Burda/LaMia/Japanese patterns) ;)