Bathing Bombshells Suki Robe

In that stage between getting up and getting dressed, I generally wear a big jumper over my pyjamas. But in the summer when it is so hot the last thing you want near your skin is anything that resembles a jumper! So this year I thought it was time to sew something lighter to put on over pyjamas – handy for when the postman calls.

I’ve never been a massive fan of dressing gowns though – I don’t know why but they just always feel like strange transition garments to me – you might as well just get dressed! But when I saw the Helen’s Closet Suki Robe pattern I thought it was the perfect pattern to try. And I’m really happy with how it turned out! The instructions were great and the only tricky part I found was the front band.

I’ve been hoarding this fabric for years so I’m glad to finally use and and make something special with it. It was bought on Goldhawk Road in London when I went there on a fabric pilgrimage a few years ago.

This is too nice to wear just inside though, isn’t it? So I’ll probably also be wearing it with tights and boots very soon too.

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