Un air de printemps

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Yup. It's the beginning of March and spring is just round the corner - so I've got a flowery dress on. Florals for spring? Grounbreaking! I have a funny relationship with florals - I'm like a magpie when it comes to floral fabric and I want to eat it all up, so I make plenty of flowery clothes. But sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of petals when I open my wardrobe.
This is my fourth make as part of the White Tree Fabrics blog team and the fabric is a lovely red cotton, perfect for a summery dress. It's not too stiff so it drapes quite well. The dress is another Belladone - this time I redrafted it in a size up based on my high bust measurement and then did an SBA - this means it fits better round the back and shoulders and the looser fit at the waist is quite nice - an extra centimetre leaves plenty of space for lunch.

For this fabric I had initially wanted to make a Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress but when I made up a test version I really really didn't like the style for me - I found it unflattering and really not very practical for my daily life - how I am I supposed to cycle like this?! 
IMG_9889 IMG_9884
So another Belladone was born!


  1. For the Bettine - you're right, the tulip skirt and deep pockets aren't ideal for cycling! Maybe try a version where you take up the hem a couple of inches and omit the pockets?