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I spent four and half happy years in Glasgow before moving to Brussels and it is never far from my thoughts. And while I was back in the city a few weeks ago (as part of my annual summer pilgrimage home) I visited the Necropolis, one of the most unique cemeteries in Europe (and a great location for amateur photoshoots).

The gravestones are all really interesting and you have an amazing view of the city! (Père Lachaise may have Doors front-man Jim Morrison but we've got a monument to super Calvinist John Knox!) The Necroplis also makes several appearances in the wonderful Alisdair Gray novel Lanark.


Now to the dress - you guessed it, it's a BHL Anna! I'm trying to revisit patterns at the moment and Anna is a big favourite of mine!



The fabric comes from an old skirt which I got at the Petits Riens. It was a huge pleated thing which after some unpicking and ironing became two pieces of lovely fabric to play with! (I regret not taking a 'before' picture so you'll just have to take my word for it but I was too eager to get stuck in and unpick straight away!)

Above all I'm really pleased I successfully positioned the pattern pieces so that the stripes run into each other from the bodice to the skirt.


For more information about the Necropolis see here.

walking in the glasgow necropolis - Snap 4
(This last photo was taken with my Pentax film camera back in 2009 when I first visited the Necropolis with some photography friends!)

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  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love that fabric, and isn't it great when a refashion works out so well. It's nice to see these pics of the Necropolis, it's been a long time since I was there. I'm hoping to get back up before Christmas this year too!