Shiny summer Sureau


I used the leftover brushed satin from my République du Chiffon Viviane dress to make a Deer & Doe Sureau dress wearable muslin.


Only modification I made was an SBA following my method. Next time I'll bring the whole thing up a bit by taking out some excess fabric at the shoulder seams as it gapes a bit.


I really like the dress but while it is a wearable muslin in terms of fit and how it looks, in terms of how it feels I'm not going to be wearing cheap brushed satin against my skin anytime soon, at least not in the summer heat. Also, probably why I'm not rushing to wear the Viviane I made either.


I'd wanted to make this pattern for a while after admiring other versions online and I wasn't disappointed. It's simple yet really well cut and teaches you about gathering if you've not dipped your toe in that pond much before. My gathering is decidedly dodgy in places.

Next up, a version with sleeves, maybe in chambray, hmmm?


Hope everyone is having a happy summer! I'm off to Scotland to see my family tomorrow! Celebratory roof dance!