Not only is Belladone the name of a lovely bar a stone's throw from where I live in Brussels, it's the name of the Deer and Doe pattern I've been admiring beautiful versions of online for what feels like an eternity.

I was almost scared to try Belladone as it looked like my ideal kind of pattern so I knew I'd be really disappointed if it went disastrously wrong. I bought some lovely light pink and white fabric from the Marché Saint-Pierre in Paris a few months ago and it has been earmarked for a Belladone, but I decided to do a test version first.

I definitely favour making muslins but sometimes it can be quite a thought to put all that effort into making something that you won't wear! I had bought a flowery cotton/poly blend (possibly curtain fabric) on the Belgian/Dutch blogger meetup which I was actually a bit non-fussed about. I was not really sure why I bought it and afterwards I kind of regretted it as I couldn't really see what I would use it for: so I thought it would be the perfect fabric to use for a muslin. And at only 3 euros a metre (not much more than what you pay for calico toile) I had nothing to lose if it was a disaster.

But now it is all made up I'm actually really pleased with it and I think I'll wear this dress a lot!


I cut out the size 34 with no modifications, but I anticipated that it would be too big in the bodice and I was right. So I carried out a sort of improvised post-sewing SBA to remove the excess by making two long darts on the front of the bodice. It works fine for this dress as the fabric is really busy so you don't notice it but I wouldn't use that as a method for my special snazzy fabric or anything.

I've now carried out an SBA (following this method) on the front bodice pattern and pinched out some of the excess on the back.

Adapted pattern pieces in hand, I'm now ready to tackle the pink and white stripey fabric.

Stay tuned for another Belladone...


  1. This is such a fun version of the Belladone! Love it.

  2. This is GORGEOUS! It really suits you, and that print and those colours are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the fabric, so perfectly springy/summery & it looks wonderful on you. - The Belladone has been on my wish list for ages too…

  4. Absolutely adorable! Great fabric!

  5. Oooh, this is lovely! Excellent bargain fabric!

  6. Ooh I love your Belladone! The fit looks super good on you and your legs look really long! can't wait to see your next version :)

  7. thanks for all your lovely comments :)