Beignet blues


The Beignet skirt from Colette patterns had been on my 'to make' list for a while, and I finally got round to cutting out and sewing over the Christmas holidays. And after a pause in proceedings the Beignet was finally finished off this week.


I'd been inspired by Tilly's love of the Beignet but sadly I have to say I'm not as enamoured with it as she was. But I think this is mainly down to the fabric I chose: some thick textured cotton I had left over from when I made the Truffle dress, also a Colette patterns number.

Also, I'm not sure this shape of skirt suits my body type, which is no bad thing, not all patterns and styles will suit everyone.

But it would be interesting to try it again with a different fabric and some further modifications to the length and the closure - a side zip instead of the centre front buttons, perhaps? I actually unpicked the pockets and stitched up the side seams fully as they really made the skirt stick out. A shame because pockets are always useful!

In terms of construction this has been one of my favourite ever projects. Getting my head around the shell lining and putting it in place was really fun and I had a real sense of achievement when it all came together.


The buttons were also a bit of a marathon to complete. However, I made the hand sewing more pleasurable by watching the Sofia Coppola film 'Lost in Translation' at the same time. Which made for not a bad January evening at all.

And finally...
Last Saturday was the Belgian/Dutch sewing blogger meetup, and it was brilliant! So nice to meet people in real life and talk about sewing! Here is a roundup from Anneke and some photos from Caroline.
Bedankt to Lieke, Anneke, Hanne, and Ilse for organising! I really had a great day!
Will definitely be coming to Antwerp for a visit soon, although maybe I should dust off my Dutch textbook first...


  1. I like it! Very pretty, but I think I would make a little shorter. I'm not a big fan of over the knee skirts. Skirt should be long of above the knee for me. Otherwise my legs look really funky, hihi. If you come to Antwerp, let me know, I would love to have a chat with you. I really regret we didn't have the time for a proper conversation last saturday. See you soon :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah it is that awkward length - neither long nor short! So I'd shorten it if making it again.
      That would be great to meet up in Antwerp to chat properly! I'll let you know when I'm thinking of coming through! :)

  2. Cute skirt! I'm curious to see what it looks like on you in another fabric.. I do think the fabric is gorgeous though!

  3. This fabric looks really interesting and your finish on the garment looks very professional.
    Lost in translation seems like a good 'hand sewing' film:)
    Also, I feel your pain, I really need to dust off my Deutsch textbooks. Happy sewing:)