Take three


In my last post I talked about my first two attempts at developing a pattern based on an initial rub-off of a dress I love. And today here is my third version!

This time I got rid of the gathers and modified the bodice pieces accordingly. I also got rid of the buttons at the front and put in a side zip. I also added a skirt lining and reshaped the front yoke slightly – mostly so I can get it over my head.

The fabric comes from Holm Sown in Castle Douglas and was a Christmas present from my Mum last Christmas (and by last I mean 2015) so I’m happy to finally make something with it. That said I’ve got fabric I bought in 2008 still lurking around waiting for me to love it so just over a year between acquiring fabric and using it is actually quite good going by my track record!

I really like this dress and will get plenty wear out of it. Sometimes you go round the houses to come to a conclusion you knew already – wearing a dress I’ve made and love makes me really happy. Can’t wait to wear it out on my bike in spring with a denim jacket and bare legs.

Now back to the drawing board to see how I can improve the pattern for version four.

Here are some more shots which hopefully give a better idea of the details. (I’m finding it really tricky to get good photos of things I make these days and I’m not sure these do it justice, oh well they’ll do!)

Close up of the front bodice (and my camera remote).

Close-ish up of the back.

The liningIMG_2429



Light of day


I’m a big fan of Pauline Alice’s Rosari skirt sewing pattern, and this is my second version. My first shot at the pattern was last year. The name of the pattern makes me think of the slogan “Get your rosaries off my ovaries”.

The slight downside of this make is that the denim I used was not that good quality. It crumples easily and I think it looks a bit cheap. So I’m going to be on the look out for some good quality old jeans in second hand shops which I can cut up to try and make another version. But perhaps I’m being over critical as I do really like this skirt.
I’d also like one in mustard yellow!

The buttons were actually salvaged from one of my early makes – my Beignet skirt from Colette patterns. I hadn’t worn it in ages and wasn’t really that enamoured with it any more so I decided to use the buttons for something else and salvage the fabric to make a top.

I’ve decided to be more ruthless with things I make to ensure that if they are not getting worn they don’t languish in my wardrobe. While it makes sense to be reluctant to rip apart things we’ve spent time making, I think it is also good to treat them the same way we treat shop-bought clothes (or any other object for that matter): if it is not likely to be worn again, holds no particular sentimental value, or isn’t holding up that well, then it is maybe time to recycle it into something else or give it away if you think someone else might get some use out of it.

That said, I’ll find it hard to part with some of my earliest self-made clothes as they make me smile when I look at them – even if they don’t get to see the light of day that much any more.