Self-drafted in September


September was a busy month - a trip to Palestine, amongst other things, kept me away from my sewing machine.
But this dress was one good sewing achievement this month. It is a self-drafted pattern based on a mix of features rubbed off of existing garments I own.

To say I'm happy with this dress would be an understatement - I love when you make something that reminds you why you started to make your own clothes in the first place. And the fabric - I'm not actually sure how to describe it! It hangs well, it is a synthetic mix of sorts but it is comfortable and breathable to wear - and it is a lovely shade of deep orange, oh and there are TEAPOTS all over it. I bought it a few months ago at the Marché des Abattoirs in Anderlecht.

I love the shape of this dress - it is kind of everything I could want, it feels dressed up and dressed down at the same time, it's comfy and loosefitting yet there is a lot of 'structure' going on, with the front bodice waist yoke panel, the peplum bit and the split flappy sleeves. And did I mention the teapots already?

I also have to mention this amazing Coletterie 'How to sew a baby hem' tutorial. Without being too dramatic, learning this technique was one of this month's highlights for me. Looking forward to a future full of fearless hemming.


Now for an avalanche of photos of me prancing around in the street...